Click the arrow circled below to expand the Pay menu:

Select Direct Deposit:

Select “Add Account”:

Once you enter your 9-digit routing number, the bank name will automatically default.

Select Checking or Savings from the account type dropdown menu.

Enter & re-enter your account number for confirmation purposes.

Select your deposit method under the Settings section:

Fixed: Indicates the exact dollar amount to deposit, assuming that the net pay amount available is greater than or equal to that amount.

Percentage: Indicates the percentage amount of net pay to deposit into the account.

Remainder: If this method is the only one used, your entire net pay amount will be deposited to this account.  However, if combined with other methods, this method will ensure that the remaining amount left after the previous methods are deposited, will be added to the designated account.  If the paycheck is split between more than one bank account and method, use “Remainder” for the last account in the list.

If “Fixed” is selected, you’ll enter the fixed dollar amount in the “Amount” field:

If “Percent” is selected, you’ll enter the percentage amount in the “Percent” field:

If “Remainder” is selected, the “Amount” field will not allow any amounts to be entered since the remaining net pay, regardless of the amount, will be deposited to the designated account:

Select the “Add” button at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have selected the “Add” button, your enrollment information will appear on the screen.  You can select “Add Account” to add additional accounts or you can select “Save Changes”.  You must select “Save Changes” before exiting:

Once you select “Save Changes”, you’ll be presented with the Terms and Conditions pop-up below:

Select “I accept the Terms and Conditions” check box and then select “Save Changes”.

To edit an existing direct deposit account, click on the row circled below:

When editing the account, you can change the deposit method, amount, or percentage.  Select “Save” once your changes have been entered.  To remove the account entirely, select the red “Remove” button at the bottom of the screen.

After you edit or remove the bank account, you’ll be defaulted back to your main Bank Accounts screen.  You must click “Save Changes” before exiting: