Select the employee you’d like to enter a recurring deduction for under My Employees or enter “Recurring Deductions” in the top search bar:

Select the action menu in the top right corner and select Recurring Deductions:

If there aren’t any deductions listed, select the Deduction Code hyperlink to add the first recurring deduction type.  If deductions are listed, select the + sign in the top left corner to add an additional recurring deduction.  After selecting the + sign to create a new deduction row, select the Deduction Code hyperlink to select the deduction type:

Select the deduction code you’d like to add:

Enter the deduction amount:

Enter the deduction frequency in the Periods field.  Enter “1” to deduct on the 1st pay period of the month. Enter “2”to deduct on the 2nd pay period of the month. Enter “12” to deduct on the 1st and 2nd pay period of the month (24 pay periods per year for a biweekly payroll that has 26 pay periods per year).  “123” or “12345” can be entered for a biweekly payroll when deductions should occur on every pay period of the year. “1234” means the deduction will occur 48 times per year vs. 52 times per year for a weekly payroll.  If you’d like the deduction to occur every pay period, you can enter “12345” no matter what the pay frequency is.

If the deduction start date should be in the future vs. starting immediately, select the Edit Detail icon:

The Deduction Details icon will allow you to enter monthly/quarterly/annual/lifetime limits & maximums, start dates, and stop dates.  Once finished, select Save:

One-time or temporary adjustments to recurring deductions can be entered under Scheduled Deductions.