Ongoing deductions should be entered under Recurring Deductions.  If one-time or temporary adjustments are needed for recurring deductions, the adjustments will be entered under Scheduled Deductions.

Select the employee you’d like to enter a scheduled deduction for or enter “Scheduled Deductions” in the top search bar.

Select the action menu in the top right corner and then select Scheduled Deductions:

If there aren’t any deductions listed, select the Deduction Code hyperlink to add the first scheduled deduction type.  If deductions are listed, select the + sign in the top left corner to add an additional scheduled deduction.  After selecting the + sign to create a new deduction row, select the Deduction Code hyperlink to select the deduction type:

Select the status type. When entering an adjustment for a recurring deduction, the system will require the “A – Active” status to be selected.

Enter the deduction amount.  This amount will override the recurring deduction amount for the date range entered.  This amount is not in addition to the recurring deduction amount.

Enter the start and stop date for the scheduled deduction.  Example: If the scheduled deduction amount should only be processed on the 10/1/2022 payroll, enter the start and stop date as 10/1/2022.

Select Save.