To start the rehire process for a terminated employee who has been gone less than 60 days, go the search bar and type “Status Type History Adjustment” then click on the option that it finds.

Click on “Employee ID” to access the list of former employees, then select the name of the employee to be rehired.

Click on the effective date for the “Terminated” status description and the row will highlight in yellow.

Click on the “Delete Date” button to remove the terminated status.

A message will pop up about benefit adjustments:  click the “OK” button.

Then a message will pop up asking you to confirm deletion of the date:  click the “Yes” button.

If you have any other changes to make in conjunction with the employee’s rehire, such as pay, address, or position, please make those changes now.

If benefits are available, the employee will be notified to reenroll in benefits.