If you prefer to review & approve your payroll reports prior to the payment transfer taking place, you will receive an email notification like the one below once your payroll has been processed. To review the payroll, click on the link below.

After clicking on the link in the email notification, you will be taken to the payroll approvals screen below.  If multiple supervisors at your company are set up as payroll approvers, you will all receive a notification once the payroll is ready to be reviewed & approved.  Select the Payroll Approval link below to assign the payroll approval responsibility to yourself.  Each payroll can only be assigned to one supervisor to approve.  If another supervisor has already been assigned to review & approve the payroll, the payroll will not appear below under Approvals Pending (Available to You).

Select the Grab button.

Once the payroll has been assigned to you, it will appear at the top of the screen under Approvals Pending (Assigned to You).  Select the Payroll Approval link to review the payroll.

Select the View Report/Analytic dropdown menu to view the payroll reports.

Select each report that you’d like to review.

Reports can be printed, converted to PDF, or exported to Excel.

Select Approve or Deny and then click Submit.  If you select Deny, a comment box will appear so you can send a note back to your payroll manager as to why you’re denying the payroll.  If you deny the payroll, you’ll receive a new email notification once it’s time to review & approve the payroll again.  If you approve the payroll, your payroll manager will proceed with processing the payment transfer & direct deposits.