Search for “Talent Management” in the Search Bar.

Click the Positions tab:

Use the Position as a template for a requisition, meaning you enter information that is relevant to all requisitions for this position. You can customize the position when creating a requisition.

Fill out the required fields that have a red asterisk* in the Basic Information tab. It is recommended to add the Salary Range, the Pay Method, and Employee Type.

Click SAVE.

Under the Position Description Tab, add the requisition information in the Position Description box. There must be at least 100 characters in this box to post the Position. All other fields are optional. It is recommended to use only the Basic Information, Position Description, and the Position Skill Tags to post the position in this current job market.

The Position Responsibilities tab: provides a breakdown of key responsibilities and their weight.

The Performance Measurement tab: This function is not active.

The Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities tab: This is used to emphasize abilities or credentials.

The Physical Requirements tab: This is used if the position requires any physical activity.

The Tracking tab: In the Application Settings, the Application Special Instructions allows you to add special instructions (e.g., a sample of prior work). The Position Skill Tags allows you to add key works and phrased that will make it easier for the candidate to find the requisition. The Available Assessments section allows you to add additional questions to the application.

The Activity tab: Shows all saved activity from any user that has access.

The Integrations tab: This function is not used.

Click SAVE.

You can create a requisition from the Positions tab by clicking Create Requisition in the top right corner. Or you can go to the Requisitions tab.