How to create an offer letter in Talent Management:

Before you begin, please ensure your RMI HR Representative has created offer letter templates for you.  If not, please contact your RMI HR Representative for assistance in building your offer templates.

Enter “Talent Management” in the top search bar and click on “Prism Talent Management” to open the Talent Management portal.

Select “Hiring” and “Candidates” from the menu on the left side of the screen.

Use the filters or search option to find your candidate.

Note that the candidate must have applied for the relevant Requisition (job posting) in order to create an offer letter for an individual.  If they have not yet applied, ensure you have an open Requisition for the position and share the link to the job with the candidate:  open the revelant Requisiton, click on “Source Links,” and click on “Get Source Link” for “Invited to Apply.”  Copy the link and paste in to an email to your candidate.

After opening your candidate, click on the “Offer Letter” tab when you are ready to send an offer letter.

Click “Create Offer.”

Select the appropiate offer letter from the “Letter Template” (your RMI HR Business Consultant can assist in creating or revising the offer letter templates, if needed).

Select the appropriate “Version” (typically, there will be one option).

Enter the “Offer Date” (date you are creating the offer), select the appropriate “Location,” enter the “Start Date” (the candidate’s actual first day on the job), and the “Compensation” (hourly or salary amount).  These are required fields.

The remaining fields, “Bonus Plan,” “Signing Bonus,” “Direct Manager,” and “Additional Information,” are not required and would only be used if you have included the fields in the offer template(s).

Ensure that the “Collect SSN from New Hire” box is checked.  When the candidate accepts the offer, the system will collect and store their Social Security Number so you don’t have to request it when entering a “New Hire” for onboarding.

As you fill in the information, the “Offer Letter Preview” on the right will populate with the information you are adding in the fields on the left.  Information such as the employee name, job title, and company name are pre-populated based on the information in the Requistion as well as from the candidate’s application.

Review the offer.  Ensure that the information is correct and that you are ready to send to the candidate:  when you click “Save,” the offer letter will immediately be emailed to the candidate.

The candidate will receive an email from and needs to click on the link in the email to open the offer letter:

The offer letter will display and the candidate clicks “Accept Offer” or “Reject Offer.”  Note that the system can be customized to include your logo on the offer letter (please contact your RMI HR Representative for assistance).

When an offer is made, the system will update the candidate’s status to Job Offer.  To view, open the candidate and click on the “Candidate Information” tab.

Once the candidate has accepted the position, click on the “Hire” button in the top right corner.

When the candidate clicks “Accept Offer,” a field for the Social Security number and electronic signature appear.  Once both are completed, the candidate clicks “Sign Document” and “Complete Process.”

To view an offer letter, open the candidate in the Talent Management and click on the “Offer Letter” tab.

Click on the offer letter title in the list.  Note that you can click the paper airplane icon to resend an offer to a candidate or the trash can icon to delete an offer letter.

Enter their first actual work day in both “Hire Date” and “Start Date” and click “Hire Candidate.”

Note that when the candidate is designated as hired in Talent Management, their candidate information will feed in to the main RMI Center as an option for you to add them as a “New Hire” for onboarding.

When you are ready to launch the onboarding for the candidate, go to “New Hire” in the main RMI Center.  Click on the “Action Bar” and “Candidates.”

Select your candidate from the pop-up box.  The “New Hire” form pre-populates with information the candidate supplied on the application; the Social Security Number is imported from the offer letter.  Fill in the remaining required fields and click “Save” to generate the onboarding.