Before you begin, please ensure that your RMI HR Representative has created offer letter template for you.

Search for “Talent Management” in the Search Bar.

Under Hiring, click the Candidates tab:

Choose the candidate that you would like to hire. If you are unable to find them, make sure that there are no filters added.

Candidate Information gives you an overview of the candidate and provides a copy of the resume.

The Messages tab: If the candidate has elected to receive text messages, you may send messages from this tab.

The Documents tab: If a candidate has uploaded additional documents, they will show here. You may also upload any documentation that the candidate has provided that have not been added to the system.

The Activity tab: This shows any activity completed by authorized users for this candidate.

The Routing tab: The purpose of this function is to create a hierarchy of different people reviewing the candidate.

Under the Offer Letter tab, click Create Offer.

A new window will appear.

First, you will choose which offer letter template is best for this candidate. Then you will choose the version. Fill out the required fields that have a red asterisk* and it will auto-populate the information to the Offer Letter.

Please note that once you click SAVE, it will send the offer letter to the candidate. Do NOT click SAVE if you are not ready to send the offer to the candidate.

The candidate will receive an email from and needs to click on the link in the email to open the offer letter.

Once the candidate has accepted the position, click on Hire.

When the candidate is designated as hired in Talent Management, their candidate information will feed in to the main RMI Center as an option for you to add them as a New Hire for onboarding.

When you are ready to launch the onboarding for the candidate, go to New Hire in the main RMI Center.  Click on the Action Bar and Candidates.

Select your candidate from the pop-up box.  The New Hire form pre-populates with information the candidate supplied on the application; the Social Security Number is imported from the offer letter.  Fill in the remaining required fields and click Save to generate the onboarding.