Search for “Talent Management” in the Search Bar.

Under the Hiring Tab, Click on Requisitions.

Click on Create New Requisition, located on the top right.

Choose a position, from the Position Title drop down list. If the position is not listed, contact your Payroll Manager to add the position to the RMI Center. Verify or fill out the fields on the Position Details tab (required fields have a red asterisk *) and click the “Save” button.

In the Position Details tab, you can assign the requisition to hiring managers and set how they should be notified.

Under Posting Details, select the Close Date-the date the job posting closes and candidates will no longer be able to apply. 60 days from the Open Date is recommended. The remaining fields are optional. The Requisition Type is used to show if the position is permanent or temporary. Tags field can be used to add key searchable words to the requisition. Candidate Notes is used to provide additional details about the position that are specific to the requisition.

Under Position Sections to Display, you may choose the information that you want to add. This information pulls from the Position tab.

Under the Options field, select the applicable checkboxes. Require Resume is recommended to always be checked. Private Requisition is used when you do not wish to publish the position to job boards and only want it available to provide a candidate a specific link. Multiple Positions Available is used when you have multiple requisitions of the same position. This checkbox can be used to communicate the number of requisitions for the position and a countdown as you hire candidates. Once you fill the last position, the requisition will automatically close.

Under Publish To, select how you wish to publish the requisition. The system will default to External, which publish the requisition only to external job boards.  Internal will publish the requisition to our internal job board available to current employees. Both will publish to both job boards; first to the Internal job board and then, after a set amount of time, the requisition will publish to an external job board.

Once you have completed the desired fields and checkboxes, click Save in the upper right corner.  Once you have saved the page, you can preview the requisition by clicking Preview Posting. After previewing the requisition, click Publish.

After clicking Publish, several new tabs will appear. Select the Job Board tab. This tab allows you to publish the requisition to many job search websites. It is recommended to choose the Free Job Boards checkmark. If you would like to add the requisition to sponsored job boards, click on the JobTarget checkmark. When you click on the JobTarget checkmark, you will add the job boards that you would like to pay for into your cart. Note* for this function to work, contact your HR Rep to add a company credit card to Talent Management. Once the job board is paid for, returns or changes cannot be made.

Click SAVE and the requisition will publish.

The Candidates tab shows you the candidates that have applied for this requisition. You can sort by any of the fields listed; these are “sticky” menus, so how you elect to sort candidates will stay that way until you change it.  If you would like to send invitations to specific individual(s) to apply, click Invite and enter their email address(es) and click Save.

The Source Link tab provides links to use when advertising the requisition through additional methods. Adding these links will track where the candidates are coming from. Copy the link to paste when posting on an outside website.

The Activity tab will show all the changes made to the requisition, who made the changes and when.

The Automated Candidate Routing tab will allow you to designate which hiring managers will be able to view candidates when they apply. If you do not select hiring managers, the candidates will be viewable by the admin users and the creator of the requisition.