Search for “New Hire” in the Search Bar, and then click on the option it provides.

All fields that are outlined in red are required fields and must be completed.

To start, click on the blue hyperlink for “Work Location” and select the employee’s worksite (note that your company’s primary worksite is labeled as “Main”).

Important Note:  If you have a new worksite that is not listed, or if the employee will be working from home, please notify your RMI Payroll and HR representatives of the name, worksite address (or the employee’s home address), and the effective date for the new worksite.  RMI will notify you when the new worksite is added so that you can proceed with hiring the employee.

Next, complete the required fields for the social security number, name, and email address.

Important Note:  To reduce the chance of errors, please leave blank the fields that aren’t required.  Also, take care to enter the correct spelling of the first and last names, as well as the correct Social Security Number.  Incorrect information in these fields will cause errors for the employee when registering and completing their onboarding.  You should enter the employee’s name just as it is stated on their identification.

Next, add the client start date (hire date), and then click on the blue hyperlink for each of the required fields to choose the corresponding information.

Important Notes:

  1. The start date must be the employee’s actual first day working.  If the start date changes after the employee has completed the onboarding, please follow the instructions at this link to update it:
  2. If the position is new and doesn’t appear on the list, you must first contact your RMI Payroll Manager to set up the position for you. The set-up includes linking the correct location, exempt status, and workers compensation code to the position.  Please don’t select the wrong position if the needed position isn’t on the list.

Next, click on the blue hyperlink for “Pay Group” and select the employee’s pay group.  Then complete the required fields for their rate of pay.

Important Note:  If the employee will be paid a salaried wage, additionally select the “Auto Time Sheet” box, then enter the default time sheet hours per pay period.

After completing all of the required fields, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.  Upon clicking “Save,” the system will send your new employee an email with instructions that explain how to register and onboard.