Select the employee you’d like to enter a scheduled payment for under My Employees or enter “Scheduled Payments” in the top search bar:

Select the action menu in the top right corner and select Scheduled Payments:

Select the Pay Code link:

Select the pay code you’d like to add:

You don’t need to populate the Start Pay Date and End Pay Date if you’d like the pay type to begin immediately.  If you do enter begin or end dates, they are based on pay date vs. pay period:

The Deduction Period is the frequency in which the pay code should be paid.  Enter “1” to pay on the 1st pay period of the month. Enter “2”to pay the 2nd pay period of the month. Enter “12” to pay on the 1st and 2nd pay period of the month (24 pay periods per year for a biweekly payroll that has 26 pay periods per year).  “123” or “12345” can be entered for a biweekly payroll when payments should occur on every pay period of the year. “1234” means the payment will occur 48 times per year vs. 52 times per year for a weekly payroll.  If you’d like the payment to occur every pay period, you can enter “12345” no matter what the pay frequency is.

“Active” status will process the payment on every pay period between the starting & ending pay date based on the frequency entered in the deduction period field.  “One time” will process the payment once within the starting pay date and ending pay date & then the payment will automatically inactivate.  If the starting & ending pay date fields are left blank, one time payments will pull in once based on the frequency entered in the deduction period field before inactivating automatically.  “Inactive” means no payments will be made.

Select “Yes” under Move To T/S for active status payments.  This will cause the payment to appear under the pay details section of the payroll voucher.  If you select the one time payment option, the system will leave the Move To T/S field as “- – Select – -“.

Enter the pay amount per payday in the Amount field.  You can enter a positive or negative amount but the amount cannot be zero.

If the payment should be coded to a different division, location, position, or project than the employee’s default settings, select the Edit Employee Details field.  After selecting your options from the Division, Location, Position, and Project hyperlinks, select the Accept button:

Select the Save button.

If multiple scheduled payments need to be entered for the same employee, click the + sign in the top left corner to add additional scheduled payments and then repeat all steps listed above.