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Logging In: RMI Center

How to log in: Enter you username and password: If you forgot your username, select the “Forgot Username?” link at the bottom of the login page and enter your email address: If you forgot your password, select the “Forgot Password?” link at the bottom of the login page and enter your username: After entering your username [...]

Rehires, More Than 60 Days

To start the rehire process for a terminated employee who has been gone more than 60 days, go the search bar and type “Rehire,” then click on the rehire option that it finds. Click on “Employee” to access the list of former employees, then select the name of the employee to be rehired. Go to the drop-down [...]

Talent Management: Posting a Requisition

If you have just created and saved the job, click “Create Requisition” from within the Job Detail page.  When the requistion loads, confirm the Job Title and Location. If you are posting a requestion for an existing job, select “Requisitions” from the menu on the left side of the page, then click “Create New Requisition.”  Select the job [...]

EEO Visual Survey

How to update an employee’s gender and race, if declined during onboarding: Upon receipt of email notification that the employee declined to provide their gender and/or race, conduct a “visual survey” to determine the employee’s gender and race, as best as can be determined visually. Log in to the RMI Center and select the employee under “My Employees” on [...]

Employee Status Change

How to change an employee’s full-time/part-time status: Select the employee under “My Employees” on the home screen: Select the Status Type Change link.   IMPORTANT:  Once you have completed the Status Type Change process, you must also check the Benefit Group and update it, if needed.  The Benefit Group Change instructions can be found at this link: [...]

Talent Management: Creating a Job

Search for “Talent Management” in the Search Bar. Select “Jobs” from the menu on the left side of the screen. Select the position from the list (making sure that the department and division are correct) or click “Create New Job.” Verify or fill out the fields on the basic information tab (required fields have a red asterisk *) [...]

Employee Terminations

Search for “Employee Termination” in the Search Bar Click on “Employee” to access a list of current employees Click on the name of the employee to be offboarded. Select “Terminated” from “Termination Status Code” drop-down menu. Select the separation reason from the “Reason Code” drop-down menu. Enter the Last Day Worked in the “Termination Date” field. [...]

Employee Documents

To upload new documents to an employee’s file, such as ID’s, warnings, performance evaluations, or resignation notices; or to view an employee’s documents, please search for their name in the search bar, or find it in the list of employees, then click on the name. In the Employee Details box that appears, click on the Actions Icon in [...]

I-9 Validation

How to validate a new employee’s Form I-9: Click on the “Approvals” icon in the upper right corner of the page. Click on “I-9 Section 2” to the left of the name to be validated in the “Approvals Pending (Available to You)” section. Click on “Grab.” Click on “I-9 Section 2” to the left of the [...]

New Hires

Search for “New Hire” in the Search Bar Complete all the required fields (those with a red outline).  For fields with a hyperlink (see the green arrow below): Click the field name to bring up a list of options to select from. Note: Take care to enter the correct spelling of the first and last names, as well [...]

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