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Life Events

Life Event Submissions Instructional Video Log into the employee portal, then review the life event instructions on the main page: Choose a life event reason from the drop-down menu Add the date of your life event date to the Date Occurred field.  For example: For the birth of a child, with a 05/25/2021 date of birth, add [...]


Select the employee under “My Employees” on the home screen: Select the action bar in the top right corner and then select Reprint Form W-2: Select the tax year from the dropdown menu and then select Run:

Managing Messages

The Messages icon  indicates whether you have any messages. Click it to access the messages. To read a message, click Date Received, From, or Subject.  The message will then appear in a message display screen. Unread messages display in bold text.  A check mark displays in the Read column for each read message: To delete a single message, click [...]

Reports: Payroll History

Select “My Payrolls” from the top menu on the employer home page and then select “Payroll History”: All payrolls for the year will appear on the screen with the pay dates listed in descending order.  Select the payroll number for the payroll you’d like to view: Select the reports icon at the top of the payroll summary [...]

Employee Pay Change

Select the employee under “My Employees” on the home screen: Select the Pay tab: Select Pay Rate Change: Enter the new pay rate: Select whether the amount entered in the New Pay Rate field is per week, every two weeks (bi-weekly), twice per month (semi-monthly), per month, per year, or per hour.  This “Per” field does not change whether the [...]

Reports: Reports Center

To access the reports center, select the reports icon at the top of the home page: The reports icon has the reports grouped in HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Company categories: You can also access reports by entering “R:” in the top search bar.  All report suggestions will appear in a list once “R:” is entered in the search bar.  The [...]

Reports: Data Retriever

Enter “data retriever” in the top search bar and select “Data Retriever” from the list of report suggestions: Click the + sign to expand report sections: Select the fields you’d like to see on your report by sliding the switches below to the right: Date fields and a calendar will automatically appear if you select a field that has varying [...]

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